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"Albany itself renewed my love for hiking, long drives in the country, and good IPAs."

- Rajesh Kulenthiarajan, MD

"I also appreciate being so close to the outdoors. There are many hiking opportunities including the 46 Adirondacks High Peaks."

- Lea Dikranian, MD

"Albany itself is a really easy place to live, especially during the busy days of residency. Housing is inexpensive, and you don't have to battle traffic to get around."

- Addie Smith, MD

"I could see that they had good work life balance and were enjoying the residency experience here."

- Nicole D'Emic, MD

"Before moving here, I didn't realize how beautiful nature is in Albany. There are many things to do all year long."

- Raya Al Ghalayini, MD

"I anticipated the lower cost of living in Albany than at other programs but I did not realize how much money I would be able to save while in residency."

- Courtney Willis, MD

"I can definitely see myself living in Albany after finishing residency."

- Hunter MacDonald, DO

"I originally ranked Albany as my number 1 choice because of the staff and their pledge of support, and the clinical faculty has come through in every way."

- Russell Dedon, MD

"I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to grow and explore in a place as unique as Albany."

- Dane Nickel, MD

"I wasn't sure how living in a smaller city like Albany would be, but I think it has been a great place to be a resident."

- Nicole Saglamer, MD