Our mission is to provide a training environment in which trainees develop excellent clinical skills, versatile teaching abilities and facility in child advocacy, clinical research, and quality improvement.

Our program seeks to train confident, resourceful pediatricians who value teamwork and make a difference in the lives of their patients in general pediatrics or in the subspecialty of their choice.

We seek applicants from diverse backgrounds who value critical thinking and who possesses the work ethic necessary to become excellent pediatricians while acting as the safety net for the community.

We strive to train pediatricians who, upon graduation, are able to see a full panel of patients at a busy Gen Peds clinic or be a leader in their subspecialty training program of choice.

Program Aims

  • Recruit residents from diverse backgrounds (educationally, culturally and experientially) who value supporting our community‚Äôs needs, acquiring excellence in clinical practice, child advocacy and academics.
  • Maintain an even split of graduates in General vs Subspecialty Practice.
  • Provide an individualized training experience
  • Formally train all residents in the elements of community advocacy, academic research and scholarly activity, and quality improvement including training and experience in critical appraisal of the medical literature.
  • Ensure that all residents are trained in and engage with quality improvement methodologies and activities in our health system
  • Ensure that all trainees have adequate exposure to and experience with a variety of settings and technologies in healthcare
  • Cultivate and enhance Resident Wellness
  • Enhance Faculty development to achieve program goals