School: Warwick Medical School
Hometown: Toronoto, Ontario
Professional Interests: PICU, General Pediatrics
Personal Interests: Running, Traveling, Hiking, Reading, Art & Sketching, and Music
What drew you to our training program? With a perfectly medium-sized program, and a focus on longitudinal professional development and a leadership curriculum, AMC was an obvious choice for me. The program stood out for its focus on teamwork and encouraging independent critical thinking, which contributed to solid first job readiness. The interview and the socials highlighted the inherent camaraderie between residents and their attendings. Being upstate New York and close to family and friends was an added perk!

School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
Hometown: Maraval, Trinidad and Tobago
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics, Heme/Onc, Advocacy
Personal Interests: Music, Crocheting & Knitting, Triathlon, Travel, and Reading
What drew you to our program? I was really impressed by the combination of the diverse patient population, large catchment area and the program’s curriculum, especially the PedSTAR experience. On interview day, each faculty member and resident that I interacted with was extremely warm and welcoming, making AMC feel like home from the very beginning.

School: University of Massachusetts T.H. Chan School of Medicine
Hometown: Northborough, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Professional Interests: Hospital Medicine
Personal Interests: I enjoy reading fiction novels and writing, and you can often find me curled up with my cat Eva, trying new foods, and visiting museums and botanical gardens.
What drew you to our program? I was drawn by the sense of community, openness, and support I felt from the faculty and residents, as well as the emphasis on advocacy opportunities available at the program and in the city. I felt that the residents were happy, well-trained, and well-supported, and everyone seemed to get along well with one another!

School: Albany Medical College
Hometown: Rapid City, South Dakota
Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist, Global Health, Advocacy
Personal Interests: Dance, Yoga, Interior Design, Singing, Crafting and Baking
What drew you to our program? I went to AMC for medical school and it was during my third year rotation through Peds where I saw the type of physician I wanted to become in the residents and attendings I worked with!

School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
Hometown: St. James, New York
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics, Child Advocacy
Personal Interests: Running, yoga, rock climbing, backpacking in the national parks, horseback riding
What drew you to our program? I was looking for a program that served a diverse patient population and had a strong focus on advocacy. But what drew me to Albany the most was the welcoming faculty and sense of community during my interview.

School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine – Middletown, NY 
Hometown: Bronx, New York 
Professional Interests: Neonatology, Global Health, Advocacy  
Personal Interests: I enjoy singing, hiking, and watching documentary series. 
What drew you to our program? I chose Albany Medical Center because of the people! On my interview day, I truly felt welcomed by the PD, faculty, and residents. I also love that being in the capital of NY brings so much wonderful advocacy opportunities.

School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Enfield, Connecticut 
Professional Interests: Pediatric Hospitalist, NICU
Personal Interests: In my free time, I enjoy any activity that involves being near the water, whether that be kayaking, fishing, or just reading a book on the beach. I also enjoy ice hockey, cooking, and watching Notre Dame football.
What drew you to our program? My initial interest in AMC stemmed from several factors- including the program’s curricular opportunities, location, and program size. However, it was over the course of my interview day and interactions with the residents and faculty when I developed a gut feeling that AMC would be my first-choice program. I also had the opportunity to live in the Capital Region for four years while studying at Union College and am excited to be able to return to the area for residency!

School: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Whitman, Massachusetts
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics
Personal Interests: My hobbies include martial arts (karate, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, muay thai, you name it!), shopping/fashion, singing, and outdoor activities (hiking and kayaking are my favorites)!
What drew you to our program? I was completely captivated by the friendliness and vibe of the program!

School: Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Sellersburg, IN; Evansville, IN
Professional Interests: NICU
Personal Interests: I enjoy running, baking, reading, hiking with my husband, giving my dog lots of treats, and cheering on the Tennessee Volunteers!
What drew you to our program? I was drawn to the area because of the size of the city, outdoor recreation, and having the Adirondacks so close (my husband and I would love to hike the 46!).  I was initially drawn to AMC because of the program size, catchment area, NICU fellowship, and mission statement. But I was especially interested in AMC because of the people I met on my interview day. I walked away from the interview and immediately knew this is where I wanted to be!

School: St. George’s University
Hometown: Dakar, Senegal
Professional interests: General Pediatrics, Medical Education
Personal interests: Spoken word poetry, salsa dancing, baking
What drew you to AMC?: The close-knit environment, faculty dedication to resident’s learning, large catchment area, and a small city

School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
Hometown: Knoxville, TN and Bloomington, IN
Professional Interests: PICU
Personal Interests: I have a major sweet tooth, love baking, and am a sucker for local coffee shops and farmer’s markets. 
What drew you to our program? I was looking for a medium-sized program that saw diverse pathologies and had global health opportunities. I found all of that and much more at AMC. Even during zoom interviews, I could tell that there was a sense of community amongst the residents and all the attending were very welcoming and supportive.

School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland
Professional Interests: Neonatology, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, General Pediatrics
Personal Interests: I love music and play guitar which has been a huge part of my life. I’m also a huge fan of nerdy things such as video games, building computers/keyboards, and card games. I enjoy being in the outdoors and try to hike and fish as much as I can. When I’m not doing these things, I like to hang out at home with my wife, Melissa and my cat, Ollie.
What drew you to our program? My wife and I loved living in the Northeast and wanted somewhere new and amazing to settle down. The program at Albany had everything I was looking for in a pediatrics residency program including a large level IV NICU, interest in medical education, and high-volume patients for learning.


School: Albany Medical College
Hometown: Slingerlands, NY
Professional Interests: I am most interested in general pediatrics. I also have some interest in hospitalist medicine and emergency medicine. I hope to get involved in research related to childhood obesity.
Personal Interests: Anything outdoors! I spent my undergraduate years fly fishing in Maine at Colby College. I also got to rock climb in the local gyms and outside at the gunks while I was in medical school in Albany. In the winter I have enjoyed getting back into skiing over the past few years, with all of the great options in upstate New York. Also, pizza and sushi.
What drew you to our training program? After completing medical school at Albany Medical College I knew I wanted to stay for residency. The residents and attendings that I worked with were all so supportive of one another and made for a great learning environment. The wide catchment area of AMC provides extremely diverse patients and pathology. We also have program leadership that works to make tangible changes rapidly if things need to be improved. Plus, the outdoor opportunities in upstate New York are endless. Hundreds of mountains to hike in the Adirondacks and Catskills. Countless streams and lakes to explore. Additionally, great restaurants and breweries are available throughout Albany and in the surrounding cities like Troy and Saratoga.

School: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Salem, NH
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics
Personal interests: Playing board games, golfing, hiking, and finding new tv shows to watch!
What drew you to our program: I was originally drawn to Albany Med for the strong general pediatrics program with opportunities for community outreach and how close it is to home. But it was the sense of community that I felt during the interview (even through Zoom interviews!) that really made my decision.

School: University of Massachusetts
Hometown: Lexington, MA
Professional interest: Critical Care, Cardiology, Med Ed, Health Policy
Personal interest: Woodworking, Cooking, and Failing to keep plants alive
What drew me to the program? Large PICU, great group of people, Dr Nagle was a very fun and honest interviewer

School: Royal College of Surgeons Ireland School of Medicine
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Professional Interests: PICU, Pediatric Cardiology
Personal Interests: Anything outdoors: hiking, skiing, and especially skiing (downhill or X-country).
Music has always helped me keep my head level, and during covid, I got really into music producing too.
What drew you to our training program? One of the biggest things that brought me to AMC was the PICU – it’s a big unit, but operates without fellows, which really gives residents the opportunity to build independence and confidence.
The other thing that really got me interested in AMC was the PedSTAR program. I’m really looking forward to getting some hands-on experience learning about advocacy and policy.

School: Albany Medical College
Hometown: Troy, NY
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics
Personal Interests: Hiking, running, kickboxing, coffee shop enthusiast, cooking Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine, baking, and watching romantic comedies.

School: St. George’s University
Hometown: Botswana
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics, PICU, endocrinology
Personal Interests: Cooking, knitting, painting, writing, walks
What drew you to our training program?: I liked the NICU and PEDSTAR rotations and during my interview the PD emphasized that the program was resident centered, which meant more hands-on experience and real-time feedback, which I really appreciate.

School: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Albany, NY
Professional Interest: I like to have variety both in the organ systems I’m addressing and the patients’ stories I’m hearing, so I’m considering HemOnc and Hospitalist Fellowships. I also enjoy Medical Education, Narrative Medicine, and Global Health.
Personal Interest: I love exploring my surroundings by running, day hiking, and road cycling. And I enjoy learning new ways to tell stories by reading short fiction and The New Yorker.
What drew me to AMC: I consider myself really lucky that the place where I got my first clinical experiences, already feel quite comfortable, and is down the road from where I grew up, just happens to be an ever-improving teaching hospital that provides strong Pediatric care. The class size is a happy medium, continuity clinic is just across the street, and the cafeteria is decidedly above average for a hospital.

School: St. George’s University
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Professional Interests: Trying to keep an open mind but hospitalist, general pediatrics
Personal Interests: Painting, Indian classical dance, singing, hiking, exploring new restaurants
What drew you to our training program?: I loved how down-to-earth and genuine everyone I met was, and the program’s emphasis on making sure we receive a well-rounded education. But the biggest thing that stood out to me was the sense of camaraderie/friendship between the residents. The impression I got was that everyone worked hard but was genuinely happy and supported which is exactly what I was looking for.

School: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Sutton, MA
Military service: United States Navy
Professional Interests: General pediatrics, developmental, adolescent pediatrics
Personal Interests: Reading, going for walks, music, movies, coffee, dining out
What drew you to our training program? Of all the programs I interviewed with AMC gave me the best vibes. Living somewhere with a great income to cost of living ratio was very important to me as I have kids and higher expenses. I also didn’t want to live in a huge, overwhelming city with my family and have a tough commute to work everyday. Albany really checked off all the important factors, both professional and personal, that I was looking for in a pediatric residency.

School: St. George’s University
Hometown: Trinidad
Professional Interests: Neonatology, Child Advocacy
Personal Interests: Photography, hiking, biking, anything outdoor activity really, playing video games, finding new places to eat.
What drew you to our training program?: Initially I was drawn to the program because of its curriculum, particularly PEDSTAR which is unique to this program, the number of subspecialties and the diversity/size of the patient population served by AMC. After interviewing at this program, I realized how genuinely connected the residents are, I could tell that they genuinely liked being around each other both inside and outside of the hospital and this isn’t something that’s easily portrayed through virtual interviews, but I was able to get a sense of that. The experiences shared by the residents let me know that this program is one where I will be supported throughout my entire training in an environment where there is great camaraderie amongst faculty and residents. The attendings further showcased the close-knit feel and support this program offers. The program director, Dr. Nagle, made it very clear during my interview that he is willing to work with the residents to ensure that their individual needs are met to allow for successful training.

School: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Selma, CA
Military Service: United States Navy
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics, Possibly Hospitalist.
Personal Interests: I’m a new white belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Bicycling on my gravel bike, but most of the time is dedicated to raising my two children (They’re time-consuming!)
What drew you to AMC?: During my time in the military, I was stationed in the Capital Region where we were heavily involved in charity work with children in the community. Many of these children and parents had a wonderful experience with their care at Albany Med. The well-rounded, dynamic, interdisciplinary curriculum supports the program’s laser focus on providing outstanding, high-quality care for Eastern New York’s children. Taking all of these factors into account, I knew there would be no other residency program in America that would be better suited for my desire to return and serve my adopted community.


School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
Hometown: Ossining, NY
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics, Rheumatology, Genetics, Adolescent Medicine
Personal Interests: Baking, hiking, playing board games and finding great ice cream shops
What drew you to our training program? I was looking for a program with a great diversity of patients and approachable friendly residents which is exactly what I found at AMC. I was also drawn to the many specialties available here to help me explore my career interests. Above all, the best thing I remember about my interview day was how connected and happy the residents were.

School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Plattsburgh, NY
Professional Interests: Undecided
Personal interests: Being a dog mom, yoga, hiking,traveling, cooking.
What drew you to our program: The friendly atmosphere, fun residents and location close to family.

School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
Hometown: I would say I have 3 hometowns because we have moved a lot so Cartagena, Colombia, Naples, Florida, and currently Frederick, Maryland
Professional interest: unsure but I like advocacy, emergency pediatrics, General peds.
Personal interest: spending time with my cute puppy Confetti, trying new recipes, gardening, reading, and having dance parties in front of the mirror.
What drew me to the program? EVERYTHING! the whole interview experience was amazing. The residents were authentic and kind. They genuinely liked each other and their chemistry was undeniable. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable around them. PK and the entire team of attending physicians were enthusiastic about the program and I felt that this would be a program where I would feel supported by them while learning from them. Also the STAR program dedicated to advocacy/research was a huge component of the curriculum which is unique to this program.

School: University College Dublin School of Medicine and Medical Science
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Professional Interests: NICU, child advocacy, hospitalist
Personal Interests: travelling, knitting, baking, DIY projects, hiking, canoeing and kayaking
What drew you to our training program? I remember finishing my interview and thinking that the residents I spoke with were the loveliest people I met on the interview trail. Everyone talked about how supported they felt throughout their training, and spoke so highly of the faculty and program. Dr. Nagle is also super passionate about making the residency program experience as good as it can be for everyone. Additionally, there is extensive training available for starting an advocacy research project, which I found was unique to the program.

School: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland School of Medicine
Hometown: Hong Kong
Professional Interests: GI, mental health, childhood obesity, community advocacy
Personal Interests: Rocking climbing, cooking, hiking, video-games, martial arts.
What drew you to our training program?: I was drawn to the all around quality of the program. I liked that here you have the ability to be involved in the entire process of patient care from start to finish. Also as someone interested in fellowship, I liked that there is exposure to the whole variety of pediatric subspecialties. The class size was also important for me because of the level of attention and camaraderie you get with smaller class sizes. Needless to say I felt extremely welcomed by all the residents and program leadership. And finally, as someone with family and friends in Canada and New York City, the location was an important factor for me in choosing this program!

School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Oneonta, NY
Professional Interest: Definitely not sure. Primarily interested in pediatric hospitalist currently, but that could change by tomorrow.
Personal Interest: Playing guitar, playing video games, all the outdoor activities I can do while the weather is nice.
What drew me to AMC: My hometown is about an hour away from here, and I went to college across the street from AMC and lived in Albany for 2 more years before moving to Maine for medical school. I always imagined coming back to the area and having the opportunity to work at Albany Med.

School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Plymouth, MA / Fryeburg, ME
Professional Interests: General pediatrics, hematology/oncology
Personal Interests: Anything outside, especially hiking and skiing. New England sports. Cooking and baking.
What drew you to our training program?: The size of the program and the number of pediatric subspecialties first interested me in the program, but it was the sense of community that I felt on interview day that led me here.

School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Virginia Campus
Hometown: Edison, New Jersey
Professional interests: General Pediatrics
Personal interests: Baking, working out, hiking, spending quality time with my cat.
I was drawn to AMC by the genuine connections amongst residents that I observed during my interview experience. It seemed as though everyone was friends with each other and wanted their peers to succeed. I also felt that both academic and personal growth was valued in this program. The residents were definitely working hard but were also taking care of themselves and making time for fun. This has held true during my time at AMC thus far. I have felt tremendous support from my co-residents, attendings and staff here and look forward to building on these relationships. I also appreciate being at an institution that truly values teaching me how to be a great pediatrician.

School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
Hometown: Derwood, MD
Professional Interests: neonatology, genetics, neuro-oncology, critical care
Personal Interests: travel, music (singing, live concerts), basketball, true crime/thriller movies, anime/manga, trying new food
What drew you to our training program? I was immediately drawn to the camaraderie among the residents and quality of training. As the only academic medical center and pediatric tertiary care center within 25 counties, we often see rare, unique pathology arising from a large, diverse patient population. There are countless opportunities to get involved in whatever aspect of pediatrics interests you. The program is incredibly well-rounded, and the warm atmosphere is second to none.

School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
Hometown: Rockville Centre, NY
Professional Interests: Gastroenterology, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Chronic Illness Advocacy and Wellness
Personal Interests: Dance (ballet, tap and theatre jazz), Broadway Musicals, British Literature (especially Jane Austen and Harry Potter), scrapbooking, Pub Quizzes
What drew you to our training program?: There were many things I loved about AMC, such as the amazing residents, the great opportunities within the program, and the wonderful support I felt that the faculty provided. One of the biggest things that really drew me to AMC was the PedSTAR rotation. My future goals as a physician involves wanting to pursue avenues of advocacy and wellness for children with chronic illnesses. Another thing I really enjoyed about working in the city of Albany is the catchment area, which really has shown to be a great experience for exploring and learning about many various different pathologies amongst the pediatric population.

School: Albany Medical College
Hometown: Colonie, NY
Professional Interests: PEM, PICU, or hospitalist medicine
Personal Interests: Riding/training/competing horses, spending time with my family, 2 cats, 2 dogs and horse, trying new restaurants, craft beer tasting, and skiing in the winter.

Albany will always have a special place in my heart. I was born here at AMC and grew up just outside of Albany. I went to undergraduate at Siena, and stayed for medical school. I really got to know the residents, attendings, and nurses on the pediatric floors during my time as a student and knew it was an excellent, supportive training environment.

I’m most looking forward to continuing to build amazing friendships with AMC Peds throughout my intern year and beyond!